Calculating Louvre & Grating Spans

When calculating the distance between supports for any Hi-Light louvre or grating profile a complex of factors must enter the algorithm - allowable wind pressures, pressure reduction factors, horizontal or vertical fixing, trafficable or non-trafficable etc.

For a comprehensive list of the underlying assumptions click here.

This calculator takes all those factors into account and lets you work out the maximum distance between supports for any Hi-Light louvre or grating profile at a specific point on a project you may be working on.
Before calculating you need to know:

  • Project location and the terrain category.
  • Height of the proposed screen from ground level in metres.
  • Purpose of the screen eg. non-trafficable, horizontal sunshade.
  • Position of screen on building eg. face mounted, away from building edges.

1. Where is the project located    

2. Is screen located close to the corner?   

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3. Terrain Category?   

4. How high from the ground? 

5. Which Grating Profile? ( You can choose 2 at one time)

6. Grating Profile 1   

7. Pedestrian Traffic?   

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8. Assembly Traffic?   

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9. Grating Profile 2    

10. Pedestrian Traffic?   

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11. Assembly Traffic?   

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12. Trafficable Louvre Profile    

13. Orientation?   

14. Pedestrian Traffic?   

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15. Assembly Traffic?   

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16. Non-Trafficable Louvre Profile   

17. Orientation?   

18. Please check your entries to ensure they are correct before submitting.

19. Press the Calculate button to calculate maximum distance between supports.